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International Teaching Projects

Practical, project-centric learning and student participation in academic discussions belong to the main educational objectives of universities of applied sciences. These objectives are reflected in the international projects they pursue.

International congresses and symposia

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences regularly invites their international partners to attend congresses and events. In this way, it creates new opportunities for academic exchange and network formation.

Euregio Certificate

In partnership with four universities in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Aachen department created the “Euregio Certificate”, a programme of study in social work specifically tailored to the Euregio region. The programme provides students social work expertise and professional experience.

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Bethlehem University

In 2001, the Catholic University of Applied Sciences embarked on a partnership with Bethlehem University. Started as a student initiative, the partnership is now our oldest and a permanent fixture in our international exchange programme.

Project Dreams

The DREAMS project focuses on the holistic development of young people. It identifies their unique talents, helps them achieve their potential, strengthens their resilience and in the process smooths their path to adulthood.

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