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International Teaching

Sharing knowledge is a cornerstone of the educational mission at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences. As part of our internationalisation efforts, we seek to provide answers to questions raised by an increasingly interconnected world. The international teaching partnerships we promote and maintain have contributed to the creation of a uniform university system in Europe within the framework of the Bologna Process.

In the face of rapid change, calls for innovation are constant. If professionals in social services, health care and applied theology are to heed those calls, they must learn during their university education to abandon the confines of their own perspectives and think creatively from other vantage points. We encourage perspective switching by hosting faculty from partner universities and by dispatching our own faculty to other institutions as disciplinary ambassadors. Frequently, faculty meet through exchange and research projects that go beyond individual instruction and benefit the entire university.

We have stepped up to the challenges of digitalization by developing IT and blended learning platforms.

We are glad to support faculty at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences who want to take a turn teaching at one of our partner universities. Such work strengthens individual networks and raises the profile of our university at the same time. The campus portal contains information on the application process and on funding programmes (such as DAAD). 

If we do not have partnership with the university you want to teach at, contact the university administration, the exchange coordinator of your department or the International Office. It might be possible to create a new partnership.

We welcome faculty from other institutions who want to share their knowledge and experiences with students at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences.

If your university already has an Erasmus agreement with us and you’ve already been in touch with a representative from one of our departments, please contact him or her directly.

Check this list to see whether your university is in our Erasmus network or has some other cooperative agreement with us.

If you don’t already have a contact at the university or if you are at the beginning of your career and want to improve your resume by teaching a course or two at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences, then get in touch with our International Office. We will review your request and direct you to one of our departments.

Experts from social work, health care or applied theology who want to share their professional experience with university students should also contact the International Office.


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