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The “Euregio Certificate”

The “Euregio Certificate” programme is offered by the Aachen department together with four partner universities in Belgium and the Netherlands: 

Zuyd Hogeschool (NL), UC Leuven-Limburg (B), Hogeschool PXL (B), Haute Ecole Libre Mosane (B)

Students attend joint courses at the cooperative universities and take part in internships in each of the countries. The Euregio certificate programme is part of the course of study in social work at the Aachen department and comprises both mandatory and elective modules such as “Legal and Social Systems in Comparison”, “Developing Intercultural Skills” and language concentrations.

Most of the Euregio certificate curriculum consists of internships at a variety of social work organisations throughout the region.

Skill-focused education

Students receive not only a bachelor’s degree in social work but also a certificate demonstrating that they have acquired language skills, disciplinary knowledge and practical experience in social work for the Euregio to further European integration.

During their studies, students:

  • learn to address cross-border problems with social welfare and policy in the Euregio specifically and in Europe in general; 
  • acquire Euregional language skills;
  • develop intercultural communication abilities for work with Euregional clients; and
  • learn how to transfer professional approaches to other organisational settings. 

The challenge of cross-border social work in the Euregio

The Maas-Rhine Euregio is a vibrant region whose diversity offers opportunities for the development of new economic and social initiatives.  

But it also raises new questions and sets new trajectories for those seeking to look beyond national borders:

  • What are the best ways to supply cross-border work, care and welfare?
  • What new opportunities have arisen for organising and connecting social work supply and demand in the Euregio?
  • How should we expand the work and mobility of social work professionals on the Euregional labour market?
  • How we can improve the quality of social work through the cross-border exchange of methods and knowledge?

A responsibility for universities

The social work departments at the cooperating universities in the Maas–Rhine region train students for professional work across a broad spectrum of social services. During their studies, students will be confronted with a great variety of social work challenges that arise in the Euregio such as labour migration.

Graduates are qualified to work in personnel affairs; youth services; senior care; disabled care; welfare services; social care; refugee assistance; drug addiction support; psychiatry; cultural, educational and leisure services; general social welfare; and many other areas. 

The five universities that offer the “Euregio Certificate” work closely together to ensure the quality of the programme and prepare future professionals for work in the Euregio region.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Söder

Contact at the Aachen department

Prof. Dr. Joachim Söder


Aachen, Sozialwesen

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