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If you register for the 2nd day of the congress, September 27 2023, you will have the opportunity to participate in an excursion starting at approx. 3:30 PM. You will receive information on registration by e-mail in due course.


Exkursion to the Rheinische Revier (Rhenish mining area)

27 September | from 3:30 PM

The social changes in qualitative as well as quantitative terms are to be marked as an essential part of the structural change in the Rhenish mining area. The aim of the excursion to the Rhenish mining area is to make the challenges, opportunities, limits and necessities of social structural change clear and visible. The excursion will start by bus in Cologne, where the participants will be introduced to the topic on the way. The two villages "Manheim neu" (new Manheim) and Manheim as a ghost village will be visited, showing the existential and emotional dimension of the resettlements for the people. The trip continues to the Terra Nova viewing platform, where an impressive view of the open pit mine can be gained, before the excursion ends back in Cologne.

Language: German (with English translation assistants if needed)

Coordination: Karin Jazra

City tour in Cologne Riehl with Dr. Wolfgang Stöcker

27 September | from 3:30 PM

Riehl, the district in which the katho is located, is a comparatively young neighbourhood. In addition to the historical key data, the city tour also explores the area, which is architecturally very beautiful in parts, under aspects of climate resilience, transformation and urbanity. Urban spaces are not closed entities, but places of constant interaction between neighbouring districts, visitors, "old residents" and "newcomers". Dr. Wolfgang Stöcker, founder of the International Dust Archive, will guide you through Riehl in an exciting and sometimes quite amusing way, occasionally drawing your attention to supposedly optical trivialities in the urban space.

Meeting point: 3:30 PM in front of the main entrance of katho.

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