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Social Work and Exclusion - an international study programme in English - SPRING SEMESTER APRIL 2022 TO END OF JULY 2022

How do you work in different fields of social work and special education? International fields of social work such as migration, political crisis and processes of globalization play a mayor role in learning social work today. With the nowadays challenges for social work, it is safe to say that international qualification in social work becomes more essential than ever. And that is why you will be profiting from our curriculum of “Social Work and Exclusion”, which we offer each summer semester at our campus in Muenster. It will help gain knowledge, skills and experiences in social work practice and theory.

As an international student, you will form one group during the whole semester. You will study side by side with our local students and be a part of our small family campus. Also, you will be provided special support by student buddies and faculty members. Starting with a welcome week and taking part in a one-week excursion to Berlin will highlight your studying with us.

Within the programme, you can obtain up to 30 ECTS. Your learning outcomes will be documented in a transcript of records.

Junger Studierender hört im Gespräch einer Kommilitonin zu. Er lächelt sie beim Zuhören freundlich an. © katho
Eine junge Studierende steht in der Bibliothek und schlägt ein Buch in ihrer Hand auf. © katho
Studierende sitzen in kleinen Grüppchen zusammen auf der Wiese vor dem Hochschulgebäude in Münster und unterhalten sich in lockerer Atmosphäre. © katho
Eine Gruppe von Studierenden sitzt an einem großen Tisch und lernt, entweder mit Büchern oder am Laptop. Einige der Anwesenden tauschen sich aus. © katho
Eine Gruppe junger Studierender sitzt gemeinsam an einem Tisch mit einem offenen Laptop und tauscht sich beim Lernen aus. © katho
Eine Professorin hält in einem Seminarraum vor einer Gruppe Studierender eine PowerPoint-Präsentation. © katho

Take a look at our courses: 

1) Social Work research based on available data: the case of poverty

     Prof. Dr. Sebastian Böhm, 3 ECTS (Cologne, Sociology)

2) Reading Peter Fritzsche's seminal study 'Life and Death in the Third Reich' 

     Prof. Dr. Jochen Bonz, 3 ECTS (Muenster, Cultural Education)

3) Social Inequalities – comparing Chile and Germany

     Prof. Dr. Judith Conrads, 3 ECTS (Online Seminar, Sociology)

4) Child protection in international comparison

     Regine Müller, 3ECTS (Muenster, Social Work)

5) Disabilities, developmental disorders and medical genetics

     Prof. Dr. Swantje Notzon, 3 ECTS (Muenster, Social Medicine)

6) Professional Discretion in Social Work

     Michael Rölver, 3ECTS (Muenster, Social Work)

7) Intercultural competence 

     Michael Rölver, 3ECTS (Muenster, Social Work)

8) Domestic Violence

     Prof. Dr. Christiane Rohleder, 3 ECTS (Muenster, Sociology)

9) Sex education and Social Work - Germany and India

     Prof. Dr. Karla Verlinden, 3 ECTS (Online Seminar, Social Work)

10) Practical Social work - visits of Social Work institutions

       N.N., 3 ECTS (Muenster and Cologne)

11) Supervision in Social work - reflecting Social Work practice

       N.N., 3 ECTS (Muenster)

Language requirements: 

The language of conduction of the “Social Work and Exclusion” programme in Muenster is English. A good knowledge of English is therefore essential. Each international student applicant must master the English language sufficiently well to be able to understand lectures and to be able to work with English academic texts. The applicants must proof English language skills with an English language certificate of B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 


The nomination deadline is 30 November each year via email to: incoming@katho-nrw.de

Please contact our team for more detailed information on the application process. 


- Scientific coordinator -

Prof. Dr. Jochen Bonz


Münster, Sozialwesen

- Curriculum/academic counselling -

Dipl., M.A. Regine Müller

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Münster



- Counselling/student service -

Julia Fleissig

Mitarbeiterin International Office, ZV Köln, Abteilungen Münster und Paderborn

Köln, Dezernat VI - Akademische Angelegenheiten

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