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The app for young refugees about alcohol and cannabis – and how to handle both safely.

You want ...

  •  ... to change something? The app helps you to set priorities and figure out what really matters.
  • ...to find alternatives? The app accompanies you in your everyday life and invites you to try something new.
  • ... to determine your own goals? Whether you would like to consume less or stop consuming completely, the app assists you along the way.
  • ... to keep track of everything? The app gives you a clear overview of how much you have consumed per day/ week/ month.
  • ... to relax? The app informs you about emotions and consumption. It shows you how to relax without consuming alcohol or cannabis.
  • ... information about alcohol and cannabis? A quiz and many short info texts do not beat around the bush, but inform you about offered assistance, legal regulations and safe handling.
  • ... local assistance? The app informs you about counseling centers near you – in many languages!

The BePrepared App

The BePrepared App helps people who fled their home country to live more healthily in their host society. With your participation in the BePrepared Study you are helping to improve the app for other users having the same cultural background. You are thus making a valuable contribution to science and society. The app is available in multiple languages, so that anyone can use it without help and is not dependent on others.


The BePrepared Study

In order to further improve the app and test its effectiveness, every user is asked questions.


That means for you:

  • Download the app from Play Store for free.
  • Answer the introductory questions.
  • Use the app.
  • After 4 weeks, 3 months and 6 months you will again answer a couple of questions.
  • After each survey you have the chance to win a voucher worth 10 – 15 €!
  • While using the app your data is protected according to the latest standards. Any information or details revealed by yourself within this app will not be disclosed to any third parties.


Download now from Play Store for free. Let's go! Give it a try!

Die BePrepared-App

 Die App für junge Geflüchtete zum Thema Alkohol und Cannabis – und wie man sicher damit umgeht.


تطبيق BePrepared

Mehr .تطبيق مخصص للشباب اللاجئين متخصص بموضوعي الكحول والقنب وكيفية التعامل الآمن معهما

برنامه به پریپارید

Mehr .اپلیکیشن برای پناهندگان در موضوع الکل و شاهدانه و نحوه و چگونگی برخورد و کنارامدن در مصرف با احتیاط و ایمنی کامل

BePrepared-App د

Mehr .د الکولو اوبنګو په اړه د ځوان کډوالو لپاره او دهغه په اطمناني ډول اداره کول



The BePrepared-Study



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